XC or Enduro - why not both?

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XC or Enduro - why not both?

Postby JTQ » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:39 am

When looking at the entrance stats for the races it is pretty clear that the vast majority of OO racers focus on either XC's or Enduros.

I am curious to hear from folks who do only one series as to why this might be aside from the obvious time and financial commitment to do both.

Is there something about the format of XC's or Enduros that you don't like? ie. bar to bar racing, no breaks, length of enduros etc.

I don't think OO can re-invent the two types of racing but we might gain some insight and perhaps dispel some myths, thereby encouraging more racers or even non-racers to cross over. Any thoughts or experience folks would like to share would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: XC or Enduro - why not both?

Postby bohomoto » Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:51 pm

I do Enduros because I have a hard time justifying 5-10 hours of driving, plus accommodation cost, for 2 hours of riding.

Last season, I planned to try an XC, but whenever the weekend came, and I'm forced to choose between a five or six hour trail ride with my buddies on (epic) trails (Calabogie, only an hour away from my house), or two hours of riding around a closed circuit loop on trails that are on the other side of the province, I always choose the former.
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Re: XC or Enduro - why not both?

Postby offroadeast » Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:58 pm

The thing that keeps me from riding an Enduro are the issues surrounding licensing/insurance. I like that the AMA has shifted to the complete closed course format so anybody can show up and ride whatever they have, as long as it is quiet.

Off-road plates are cheap but the frustration of all the red tape at the MTO isn't good and insurance companies are getting harder to deal with.

Just my two cents...
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Re: XC or Enduro - why not both?

Postby Dennis Imeson » Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:13 pm

Blue plate events are a issue for me,been trying the green plate events in enduros.Really enjoyed myself at the Ganny ridng the Mini Pine,and every other year the Corduroy I have done,which imo presents the biggest challenge for a rider.I also really like the xc events..as its those events I grew up riding back in the c.m.a. days of the early 80's.
Looking forward to riding both types of events this year...Really appreciate all the events where we can ride without issues,be competitive as much as we like,and meet new friends who enjoy the same interests.
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Re: XC or Enduro - why not both?

Postby pklassen » Sat Jan 10, 2015 9:20 am

certainly the time and financial commitment is part of it.. racing just the XC series... the best laid plans had me racing every one of 6 events and hoping for a good overall finish from steady consistent results.. personal events changed that to missing several... now with this year having 8 events... hope I can make most of them... definitely enjoy the format of the XC.. show up by 8:00 am... be on the line and racing by 10:30 ish... racing done by 1:00 pm... and loaded up and back on the road to the seniors home so I can be there for dinner... LOL... I enjoy the close racing / bar to bar competition... I also race motocross and enjoy it,yes, even doing some or most of the jumps... and I think the motocross and cross country events compliment each other for training... reasons not to try the enduros? I don't see a blue plated bike in my future.. even a questionably plated blue plate.. and the long days... I think I concentrate better for short ( 2 hour) events... and would rather ride balls out for 2 hours ( ha ha my version of all out..LOL) than have to pace myself for a full day of riding...
I probably will do a couple of enduros or trail rides for fun.. ( haven't done the Cord yet so apparently as a BC transplant I better do that event at least once..) .. but I don't see doing any enduros or contesting a full enduro series.
I enjoy the XC events, thanks to everyone who puts so much work into hosting them and have no plans to stop racing anytime soon.. may even travel to the US this year and do a couple of GNCC events ( just to see how the other half lives..)
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Re: XC or Enduro - why not both?

Postby skidoorules_98 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:09 am

It seems there is some confusion which may be leading to the lack of cross over. Blue plates are not always required, only beagle bash and terra nova and we don't "race" all day. Basically it's a trail ride with short 5-20 minute test sections thrown in during the day. I think enduros are actually easier because you can rest at the trail pace and go balls to the wall in the test section!
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