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LiveLaps Registration System

Postby yamafitter » Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:59 pm

For 2018 OffRoad Ontario is implementing more of the built in functions of the LiveLaps Scoring System.
As part of this implementation the riders will be required to go online and create a rider account using the LiveLaps website

You may wish to print off the following to assist you in creating your account. The account creation is free and needs to be completed before you can register for any Off-Road Ontario events and is necessary to pre-enter the event. It will also be required if you post enter so it is highly recommended to complete this process ASAP.


Step 1. Go to the LiveLaps website and if you do not already have a LiveLaps account select "Create Account" and then "Participant Account" at the top of the home page.


Step 2. Fill in all the fields on the Account Page. Note please use a Password that you will not forget. Once the Account and Profile is done your future login will be your email and password.


Step 3. Compete your "Rider Profile" filling out the required fields at the bottom of the form plus any other info you may wish to add (eg. Sponsors). Please note use your OffRoad Ontario Membership number in place of AMA number. The expiry is Dec 2016. NOTE: The dropdown list for classes includes classes for OffRoad Ontario but also has classes for other organizations such as the AMA. Please choose the appropriate OffRoad Ontario class (Pro, Expert, Intermed, Novice A, Novice B, Novice C, Vet AA, Vet A, Vet B, Vet C, Women A, Women B, Mini A, Mini B, PeeWee). Later on when you register for an event you will be asked once more to choose your class. At that time only the OffRoad Ontario classes will show in the dropdown list.


At this point you have completed your LiveLaps Account & Rider Profile and can logout.
These next steps cover registering for an Enduro if registration for that event is open.


Step 1. Select Account Login at the top of the LiveLaps Home Page and then login using your email and password which you did not forget.

Step 2. Select "Registration" at the top of the page and then select "Avail. Event Registrations" from the dropdown list.


Step 3. Select the event you wish to enter from the list on the right. Be careful to select the proper event.

Step 4. Most of the information on the Event Application form will already will have imported into the form however you need to select your class (your OffRoad Ontario class from your membership card) and which riding row number you wish to ride on. You also have the opportunity to have your friends ride on the same row as long as you know their last name and they have a LiveLaps Rider Account.


Before going to Step 5 please ensure that your browser's pop-up blocker is disabled. Not doing this has caused problems for a number of individuals.

Step 5. You will now be taken to the PayPal page where you will pay for the event. You can use either a PayPal account if you have one or a credit card.


Step 6. Once you complete the PayPal Payment you will be returned to the LiveLaps website and will receive a confirmation of payment in the form of an "Event Passport"
This is your Proof of Payment and will be required when you come to the registration area at the event. Please do not forget it.


That concludes the process. As a side note if you wish to ride an AMA National Enduro you can use this account that you just created to sign up for that event. You may wish to edit your account to change your OffRoad Ontario Membership number to your AMA number beforehand however.

OffRoad Ontario will be at the Asselstines Country Swap Meet in Blackstock, Ontario on Saturday, April 9th to demo our scoring equipment. If you wish to attend we will be able to assist you with the process.

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Re: Enduro Scoring - New LiveLaps Registration System

Postby skidoorules_98 » Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:47 pm

Found this on the home page. It hasn't been posted in the forums yet to the best of my knowledge.

Who is LiveLaps?
• LiveLaps is an innovative cloud based software company that has
teamed with OffRoad Ontario to bring live scoring to the Off-Road
Ontario Enduro Series starting in 2016. This same Online Registration
Platform and Realtime Scoring System is now being used by the
KENDA AMA National Enduro Series.

Real Time Online Registration: (How will it work?)
• Each rider will set up their personal profile (1 TIME ONLY) online at
any time before the registration opens for the first event that they
would like to ride. Once you set up your personal profile you will
receive a LiveLaps ID number that is unique to you. A rider can edit
their info at anytime, so you can up-date your class, bike brand,
etc. at anytime.

• Personal profile mandatory info includes: Name, address, birthdate,
emergency contact, Off-Road Ontario membership number, class,
bike size and bike brand.

• Personal profile optional info includes: Rider’s photo, sponsors,
social media links, local series numbers and phone number.

• We can set up your profile from your previous year’s info by request
if you don’t have internet access.

• RIDING WITH FRIENDS: Once you set up your personal profile all you
will need to enter yourself and up to 3 (depending on if the event
has 4 riders on a row) of your friends is their LiveLaps personal ID
number, Off-Road Ontario membership number, email or name.

• When registration opens for the event you would like to ride, log
into your LiveLaps account at , choose the event,
select your row request, search for your friends you would like to
ride with using their personal LiveLaps ID numbers, Off-Road Ontario
membership number or name and then pay via PayPal with your
PayPal account or credit card.

• Your row numbers will then be assigned in real time based on the
row that you requested and what rows are available at that time. If
the row that you requested is not available then you (and your
group that requested the same row) will be assigned the next
available row later than the row you requested.

• Switch to the entry list screen to view what row that you and the
rest of the entries have received.

Registration at the event: (How will it work?)

• Once at the event you will come to the Off-Road Ontario
registration area with your helmet and will be asked to show proof
of a current Off-Road Ontario membership and LiveLaps Participant
Account (FREE), sign the release form if you haven’t already done so
online, receive your row number to put on your number plate,
receive your route sheet, purchase your transponders, both NFC and
RFID for $15 total, get your transponder programmed while
verifying your class and then go through the test station just outside
the registration area to confirm all of your info is correct.
Note: The transponder can be re-programmed for other OffRoad Ontario
Enduros therefore the transponder purchase is a one time purchase
unless you require a replacement due to a helmet replacement or
replaced helmet visor.

Event Scoring: (How will it work?)
• An RFID antenna will receive your time from your RFID transponder
that will be stuck under your helmet visor and send it to an Android
device that will then transmit it via cell tower or satellite in real
time to the internet.

• Anyone in the world can click on the link for that event can see how
you and everyone else in the event is placing overall and in your
class as each rider comes through each check point.

• Anyone viewing the results can click on an individual rider and bring
up their personal profile to see where they are from, their photo
and other details that the rider has uploaded.

• You will be able to view your times on your smart phone or at the
scoring trailer during the event that will be displayed in the actual
time (down to the thousand of a second) it took each rider to ride
each test.

• Awards will be able to be handed out sooner because there will no
longer be a need to wait for scoring equipment to come back from
the course to score that section.

System Features:
• Rider management of their own account that in the future will have
links to Face book, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

• Easier on-line registration process, especially for multiple riders.

• Real time scoring as riders pass through each check point.

• Scores calculated in the actual time it takes the rider to ride the
test to the thousand of a second.

• View scores on your smart phone during the event.

• Watch live commentary from the Off-Road Ontario staff along with
results so you know the whole story.

• Quicker awards.

• Online results that lists riders overall & class position.
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