Sprint Enduro, How it works

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Sprint Enduro, How it works

Postby warrent » Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:09 pm

A brief description of how the Free Flow Sprint Enduro will work. The event consists of three individual loop or tests. Riders are required to do multiple laps of each test.
Unlike cross country events sprint enduro is not actual wheel-to-wheel racing as riders start each test section at 20 second intervals and are timed to the second. A rider’s test times are accumulated through the day and riders with the lowest accumulated scores are the class winners.
All sections are just over 4 kilometers in length and consist of all the typical terrain one would encounter in a cross country race; MX track, grass track and woods.
Rider Requirements: Two working transponders (available at registration)
Legible and correct OO race number on front and right side of motorcycle. (Absolute requirement)

• Transponder purchase & Sound test: 8:00am
• Registration & Transponder load: 8:00am
• Riders meeting: 10:00am
• Mini & Women B: Start Test #1 @ 10:30am (One-hour duration)
• Pro, Ex, Int, AA, Nov A, Women Ex: Start Test #3 @ 11:00am
• Vet A,B,C; Nov B, C; Women A: Start Test #2 @ 11:00am
• Test #1 open for all classes 11:30am
• All sections close @ 2:30pm
• Results at or before 3:00pm
• Award presentation: at or before 4:00pm
Free Flow Sprint Map20180618_0007.jpg
Free Flow Sprint Map20180618_0007.jpg (61.42 KiB) Viewed 5565 times
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Re: Sprint Enduro, How it works

Postby warrent » Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:31 pm

Jeremy Quinn has asked the following questions. Answers in red.

If you have a moment can you please update the forum post with a few things:

clarify there are no row assignments like a typical enduro
There are no row numbers. Riders decide which tests they do, though I do make strong suggestions.

update start times to match flyer
Mini and Women classes actually start 10:30am to 11:30

clarify if Women’s B & Mini ride all 3 sections or are on a modified course? Are they also 3 laps?
Women B and Mini ride section #1 four times,.

Clarify if you can do the same section multiple times back to back
Riders may do back-to-back tests.

Is the winner based on best single time in each section or a total of all 3 or 4 laps?
Scores are an accumulation of 'all' tests combined.

Can we ride extra laps if time permits to improve our times?
No extra tests.

Are there any special bits for Pro classes or just more loops?
No, just more loops.

Any by-passes or options?
No by-passes; no options.
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Re: Sprint Enduro, How it works

Postby bkowal » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:18 am

How does it work? Very well!

A big thanks to Warren and everyone who converted FreeFlow into a Sprint Enduro course. The section were all a lots of fun and it seemed to all go down without a problem. The rain held out just long enough to complete the course. Conditions were almost perfect, dry with no dust, and just a couple mud puddles to keep you honest.

As far as the Sprint Enduro as a racing format, it is a blast. It certainly was a full day of racing, and lots of fun by everyone who raced.
If you haven't tried a Sprint Enduro, you gotta give a go.

Bryan Kowalchuk
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Re: Sprint Enduro, How it works

Postby WayBro » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:57 pm

I could not agree more. Although I was not racing, I did have the opportunity during the race to go through from test to test on my Bike (finally got it off my truck to aid in checking the scoring equipment).

I have raced Free Flow XC I think 3 or 4 times, mostly because it was after the Abelea XC double header weekend (another Thaxter idea) I know all the major work it takes to put on any race. Warren puts in a ton of time thinking the best way to put on the event and with lots of support he makes it happen. This year in the Sprint Enduro, format I herd so many positive comments on how people loved the format and the sections. IMO I think the Sprint format better suits Free Flow compared to the XC version. Even kept the fast guys counting to make sure they were covered riding all sections.

As I was departing the park I stopped briefly to tell Warren and Crew to say what a great event they put on this year. In typical fashion, Warren said thank you! and thanked me for the help during the day and for scoring.

It was sad when Warren informed me that it would be his last year for putting on an event. Why? Because it a ton of hard work!!! #1, and for all the hard work, there is no Pot-O Gold waiting.

Don't get your hopes up Warren, I am not going to start a go fund me account for you (sorry), it is the gamble all organizers take when promoting a race.

Warren I would like to say thanks for a great event it was well thought out and I know lots of people are in the same train of thought as Bryan and Myself.

Wayne Brogan
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Re: Sprint Enduro, How it works

Postby JTQ » Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:34 pm

Thanks again Warren for another excellent event!

Sprint Enduro format really is fun. You get to learn the course similar to an XC but with nice breaks in between to catch your breath. Free Flow layout was particularly fun. Some really nice flowing sections.

I was a bit worried about line ups but there were virtually none all day.

Looking forward to seeing what Blair has in store for us at the Parry Sound Sprint.

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Re: Sprint Enduro, How it works

Postby warrent » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:57 pm

Can anyone tell me who was riding the electric motorcycle at Free Flow last Sunday?
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