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2017 OffRoad Ontario Grand Championship Standings - FINAL

PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:11 am
by Admin
1.1 Championships
1.1.1 Off-Road Ontario Grand Championship
The Off-Road Ontario Grand Championship will be decided by the sum of the points
totals accumulated from participation in both the XC and Enduro Championships
minus the rider's two lowest or no point's events. The points totals used will include
any applicable worker points. To be Grand Champion a rider must compete in a
minimum of 1 XC and 1 Enduro.

NOTE: The two lowest scores might be any combination of two Enduro events, two XC events of a combination of the two types of events.
This means that the throwaway that you had in the XC standings might not be a throwaway when calculating the Grand Championship if you had lower point events in the enduros.
Therefore the Point totals you see in the Final XC and Enduro standings may not match what is listed in the Grand Championship standings.

If you wish to check your standings for yourself I would suggest you print off both enduro and XC standings, add back in any throwaways and then delete your two lowest scores. Remember to count any event you did not ride as a throwaway. Do not email me and expect me to do this for you (again). If you think there is a discrepancy please document it fully. Just like in a high school math exam you must show all your work to receive full marks.

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2017 OO Grand Championship Standings v1
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Bill Fitkowski
OffRoad Ontario