Scoring Burnt River

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Scoring Burnt River

Postby 86CR250R » Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:13 pm

I understand that it is difficult to make sure everything is perfect but I am a little upset about how the scoring process was taken care of. I just checked live laps to find that my last two laps were combined into one lap. I know for a fact that I completed four full laps and passed through scoring for each of them. I just sent a challenge email to the scoring official listed on the OO page. I would like the scoring to be adjusted correctly. I can prove that I came in for four laps because I battled my way past the rider who finished 10th only to make a small mistake and let him around me just before scoring, then I was congratulated by the rider behind me for passing him and finishing a good race. On top of that I have GoPro footage of the race also.

I'm writing this post for double conformation that I challenged the scoring results the same day as the race. As per the rule book. Hopefully this can be sorted out ASAP since I felt quite good about this race.
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Re: Scoring Burnt River

Postby tricky60 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:11 am

That's why there is back-up scoring. If you have your race # on the front and right side plates, the correction will be made quickly. Back-up scoring is a tedious, boring task - thanks to those who volunteer.
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Re: Scoring Burnt River

Postby WayBro » Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:53 pm

Your email was sent to my attention @ 9:50 pm Sunday eve. I answered your email Monday 10:50 am. I Explained the proper steps to address any discrepancies between the rider and the posted results. These issues must be addressed when we are still at the track and we can review and adjust much faster and more accurately.

Please familiarize yourself with the rule book and the section for protests and appeals as noted below.

1.5.6 Protests and Appeals Protests
All event protests regarding rules in fractions, scoring protest or conduct on or off the track, must be started the day of the event and directed to the OO event referee that is designated for the event.
All protests should be done in writing to ensure consistency and clarity of the issue(s).
The event referee will notify all parties involved in the issues so all are aware of the issues at hand.
Referee will gather all information from all involved parties before making a decision.
Any protest that is posted on line without the knowledge of the referee may not be reviewed.
Any protest that are filed after the official results are posted will be directed to the OO comp chair.
Anyone who is not satisfied with the results of a protest on the day of the event can have the protest reviewed through an appeals process with in the allowable time after the results have been posted as “official” on the web site.

There was an event schedule posted at sign in to help provide a guide to people to follow for all event times.(see attached)

I do apologize for on line results for mini and morning 2 hr posted under mini results on line Live Laps site, this is being corrected now and results will be updated and reposted to separate the mini race from the Morning 2 h race. This update will not change any results just to separate the two events.

Not being aware of the rules puts both the riders and the officials in a difficult position to resolve these issues quickly and accurately.

As I stated in my email, we are looking into your enquiry now and I will update you with the results when they are made available.

Wayne Brogan
2018 Off Road Ontario Scoring Director.
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Re: Scoring Burnt River

Postby WayBro » Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:03 pm

Results have been updated,
Back up sheets did support the 4 laps completed.

Wayne Brogan
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Re: Scoring Burnt River

Postby Frank510 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:39 am

The odd thing is, I was standing at the scoring/transponder tent waiting for my son when 86CR250R finished and the scoring monitor showed 86CR250R in 11th place when he took the checkered flag. Somehow the computer changed his position afterwards.
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