Pre Running MX Course at RJ's

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Pre Running MX Course at RJ's

Postby David Benson » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:35 am

Who is directly responsible for making the call to let riders pre-run the RJ's MX course the day before a race. This can surely not be seen as fair and offers a competitive advantage to all those that can make it. Why the hell are we stacking the deck in favour of some riders?

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Re: Pre Running MX Course at RJ's

Postby imnothng » Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:05 pm

So should they change the track every year because people that have raced last year will have an "advantage". I've raced there the last four years I believe, and the track has barely changed at all.

Sorry, but I believe it's a moot point since the MX isn't a major part of the course. If it's the same as in the past, it will be split up into two or three sections. Over the course of a whole lap, you will run the whole track, but you will not run the whole track at one go.

Last weekend I spent Friday and Saturday riding the track (not course) at burnt river. At one point I saw my kids appear to ride over a hill by the endurocross track that had arrows up. I called them over and gave them crap, while telling them the rule that anyone caught preriding the course will automatically be disqualified. On Saturday I was hoping to play around on the endurocross track for a bit, but I asked Jill about it and she said it was off limits because it was already arrowed.

At least for me, if I can ride the MX track the day before a race, it makes me want to go more because then I can get a whole day plus 2hrs of riding, versus 2hrs for an entire weekend.
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