Class Promotions for 2019

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Class Promotions for 2019

Postby yamafitter » Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:29 am

The following riders will be advancing in class based on their results last season:

Moving from Expert to Pro:

Keegan Frederikse
Clark Roylance
Ryan Jonker
Gaberiel Collette
Jeremy Lebreton
Justin Brazeau

Moving from Intermediate to Expert:

Carl Naumann
Alex Taylor
Dylan Harder
Stephen Serada

Moving from Novica A to Intermediate:

Dennis Knott
Jack Oomen
Conner Coultis
Jed Franko
Gabriel Franche
Chad Braidacoff
Brandon Bayford
Wyatt Kerr

Moving from Novice B to Novice A:

Tyler Vogel
Matthew Maynard
Ely Silva-Neto
Alan Kymta
Tyler Culbert-Castelo
Justin Vardy
Brad Sheffield
Jacob Kolman
Darren Cerkowynk

Moving from Novice C to Novice B:

Maverick Torchia
Ethan Gilbert
Tristan Siverson
Eric Marshall
Greg Gostlin
Felix Drozdow
Chris Moodie
Brad Clark
Myke Spinks
Kyle Van Hezewuk
Andrew Esser
Jason Young

Moving from Vet A to Vet Expert:
Chris Donald
Howard Lawrence
Sebastian Dostie
David Bolduc

Moving from Vet B to Vet A:

Andrew Carpenter
Paul Hallett
Corey Avery
Trent Gillis
Sergeo Dudka

Moving from Vet C to Vet B:

Clyde Stanley
Jason Vanderweide
Dan Lacroix

Moving from Women A to Women Pro:

Jamie Comeau

Moving from Women B to Women A:

Ava Carrigan
Chloe Alphonso
Stephanie Yankovich

Any request to delay moving up a class must be approved by the Competition Director (
Please refer to the OffRoad Ontario rules in regards to moving from Mini B or PeeWee to the next class.

Bill Fitkowski
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Re: Class Promotions for 2019

Postby pklassen » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:38 pm

thanks Bill.. are you able to advise what riders are eligible ( based on age) to ride Vet+55 for 2019 ?

Peter ( yes, dammit I am 60 years young) Klassen
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Re: Class Promotions for 2019

Postby tricky60 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:10 am

Peter, age is the only qualifier, so if one is 55 as of January 1st, then one can ride +55 class.
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