40 Volt Pressure Washer

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40 Volt Pressure Washer

Postby koobly » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:43 pm

Here's something I thought was pretty cool and decided to share with the membership. Sun Joe makes a Battery40 Volt Cordless Pressure Washer. It has a 5 gallon bucket that sits on top of it so it can be completely self contained at a race. I found it a pain bringing a tank of water, pressure washer AND generator just to blow the majority of the muck off my bike. The pressure is only 800, but it did a great job with a little ZOOM (shameless plug for our sponsors) on a bike that had had dirt sitting on it since the Great Pine. Fits together pretty nicely, and whats cool, it also takes a hose, so if you have the trailer with a water supply, you're set. Thing is TINY when the bucket isn't on it.

Pretty impressed with it so far. First one I had to return, it wouldn't prime then wouldn't automatically shut off when pressure built, so to make sure it wasn't me, I primed the 2nd one with line pressure from hose, and it's been flawless since.

On Clearance at Lowes currently for 269, but I got a 25% off sale by watching the website.

https://www.lowes.ca/pressure-washers/s ... 94780.html

They claim 30 minutes, and I had no problem running it for two full tanks (10 Gallons). Impressed with mine.

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