Vintage sprint enduro/cross country event

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Vintage sprint enduro/cross country event

Postby fsteddy » Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:40 pm

We are hosting 2 days of Vintage events in 2 locations during the Aug. 8-9 weekend. New this year will be Trials sections, vintage mini bike races and the inclusion of E bikes ( Freeride /Sur Ron/Zero, Not pedal assist bikes).
The Saturday sprint enduro will start at 11:00 am at 42 Camp Newport Rd., Huntsville. We will start 4 riders/min. and record each lap time to the second. It will take 20-30 min. to complete each lap. You will be scored on your 4 fastest laps. After 1:00 pm you will be directed back to the pit area. The course is about 10km in length with varied single track and atv trails. There will be NO sighting lap.
The pit area is a cottage property with access to a sandy beach so bring a swimsuit and towel.
The Sunday events and camping will be at Thornbrook, 4 Macks Rd. off S. Mary Lake Rd. in Port Sydney. Lots of primative camping area right next to the track for the entire weekend. This location is very close to gas, beer, groceries, swimming and restaurants. We will have porta potties and hopefully a food truck on site. We would hope trials and mini bike could be here both Saturday and Sunday. The cross country will start at noon and consist of aprox 4km of trail combined with the MX track. The MX track is mostly sand and quite easy on vintage bikes. Some doubles but easy for beginners too, about 2-3 min/lap.
We did put on this event last year but poor attendance forced us to be cautious this time. Sorry but no trophies or prizes, just bragging rights and hope that we can develop this into an annual event. If interested please use the entry form to indicate your commitment. You will be able to pay with etransfer or cash at registration. As both venues are in close proximity to neighbors we ask that bikes be reasonably quiet.
If you or some friends are available to help, this would be appreciated. We need some assistance in setting up the trials sections, scoring and marshalling the events. Hope you can make it, last year was an amazing amount of fun for those who did.
Attached you will find an entry form so please enter as we will have to cap entries to a max of 35/event.
We will be respecting Covid 19 restrictions so are hopeful that this weekend will be an outdoor gathering of less than 50 persons/event. We would notify a week before the event if forced to cancel.
If you have any questions please email, text 7056441351. Text Dave, 7057832017, Text Blaine, 7057831698

For photos of last year's event go to Rally Connex Facebook/Photos/MORRA Vintage event.
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