2021 OffRoad Ontario XC Series Results


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2021 OffRoad Ontario XC Series Results

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Results are Official as per Rule Protests
All event protests regarding rules in fractions, scoring protest or conduct
on or off the track, must be started the day of the event and directed to
the OO event referee that is designated for the event.
All protest should be done in writing to ensure consistency and clarity of
the issue(s).
The event referee will notify all parties involved in the issues so all are
aware of the issues at hand.
Referee will gather all information from all involved parties before
making a decision.
Any protest that are posted on line without the knowledge of the referee
may not be reviewed.
Any protest that are filed after the official results are posted will be
directed to the OO comp chair.
Anyone who is not satisfied with the results of a protest on the day of
the event can have the protest reviewed through an appeals process
within the allowable time after the results have been posted as “official”
on the web site.

Results are also available on the LiveLaps website.

2021 OO Afternoon XC.pdf
2021 Afternoon XC Series
(62.8 KiB) Downloaded 319 times

OffRoad Ontario.pdf
2021 Morning XC Series
(79.45 KiB) Downloaded 290 times

2021 Moto XC 09_30.pdf
2021 Minis & Women Novice Series
(171.2 KiB) Downloaded 196 times

2021 Moto XC PeeWee.pdf
2021 PeeWee XC Series
(166.61 KiB) Downloaded 149 times

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